Due to COVID-19 pandemic, many people are afraid or unable to go to the doctor's office. Additionally, we found a variety of statistics that show that a majority of people are unable to get their health-related questions answered quickly without the long process of going to a doctor's office or clinic. We have had our own experiences with this problem, some of which resulted even our own group members having to go to the emergency to deal with conditions that could have been solved by a doctor, had they been available.

We wanted to provide a solution for this common issue faced by countless Canadians across the country, which is why we created “Doctor, Help!”.

What it does

“Doctor, Help!” is a simple but powerful platform that allows communication between anybody that has health-related questions, and doctors.

In this application, you can either register as a doctor or register as a user. Users can make posts, asking questions, and doctors can add comments to the posts providing help or an answer. Users can also choose to stay anonymous when making posts.

Users and doctors can filter by categories, or view all posts to find relevant posts.

How I built it

This platform was built with the Python-powered Flask micro web framework. The frontend was primarily done with Materialize CSS, a CSS framework. We used a number of Flask extensions, such as flask-admin for the admin page, and flask-login, to handle user sessions and logins.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into many challenges. One of our main challenges was hosting the Flask web app on Heroku and configuring a custom domain for the web app. We also had many bugs, such as comments on anonymous posts not being anonymous, which we fixed in later deployments. For the anonymous comments issue, we just needed tp

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We as a group are particularly proud of the fact that we were able to create a fully functional social platform complete with a stunning user interface and elaborate backend workings in a just over a day’s time. We also added an admin platform that allows moderators to remove spam. It is truly a great accomplishment, and we are very proud of the result of our hard work.

What I learned

One of the major things that we as a group learned over the process of creating this platform was the importance of effective communication. We found that we were at our most efficient when we were on a call together, so that we could bounce ideas off of one another and provide constructive criticism on projects.

Additionally, alongside effective communication it was important for our team to divide up the work so that we could efficiently get the project done quickly and efficiently. This delegation allowed us to work even better as a team and create a better project

For Lavan and Pranav, this was one of their first major experiences with Flask and backend development. So it was a great experience to learn a lot about backend development concepts.

All in all, we truly learned a lot and were able to help each other grow as programmers and are happy to have worked on each other's skills.

What's next for Doctor, Help!

We plan to continue to maintain this project, while trying to expand the user base through marketing. We also wish to begin testing this project online and have doctors that we know test the site so we can learn more about what features they would want to add to this project and any other possible future developments. We hope this project impacts many lives across Canada and creates a great impact.

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