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Introduction ⚒

Doctor Bot is a medical assistant app used to diagnose various diseases, suggest medicines and to save your report history. The app work on various types of high level Machine Learning model. The machine Learning model learns the input image and shows you result. The app consists of an medical bot which guides you medicine according to the symptoms you have. Even you can add your report history which get saved on a custom database.

Inspiration ❤️

The idea behind construction of this app was to remove mental pressure of people when they get affected by diseases. During this pandemic when people are not able to visit hospitals frequently they can use this app to identify what diseases are they affected from. The app provides 89% accurate result. The app even provides medicinal suggestions according to the symptoms you have. During this hight time when people fear to go hospitals, they can have the same guidance and suggestions being at home using Doctor Bot .

So our idea was to create an app which provides 100% guidance and suggestions to a patient regardless of going to the hospital.

Impact on Society 🌏

This app have a great impact on our society:

  • Reduction in use of carbon films.
  • Secure and safe storage of your report.
  • Less mental pressure.
  • Reduction in capital spent on hospitals .
  • Record history of diagnostic checkups.

Database 🎚

  • The whole app works on custom database. The backend is made with MonoDB and Express.js and written on NodeJS.
  • Due to some privacy policy I had not added the backend code here. If you want to get an idea about the backend visit Ping!. This app is also made by me😊.

Steps to run 📲

  • Clone or download the app from this repository. 👩‍💻
  • Open project file in terminal. 💻
  • Open the Doctor Bot.xcodeproj file. 💾
  • Change the bundle identifier. ⚙️
  • Press Ctrl + R to run the app. 📲
  • Do star this repo and/or contribute if you like it.🙂

How To Use 🛑

The app consists of four main sections:

  1. Diagnostic Section
  2. The diagnostic section consists of various disease diagnosing units. Primarily we have % major units:
    a. COVID Detection
    b. Teeth Disease
    c. Skin Disease
    d. Skin cancer
    e. Nail Disease

  3. Medi-Bot

  4. Medi-Bot is a medicine suggetion bot which provides you perfect medicine according to your symptoms . Provide your symptoms to the bot and the bot will show you the best suitable medicine for you. How convenient , isn't it? The same feeling which you can get with a doctor!.

  5. Diagnostic History

  6. The History section consists of your previous diagnosis details. Forgot about your last diagnosis , get to the history to know about it. We keep your records safe in our app.

  7. Report History

  8. Irritated with lots of hospital files, use "Report History", we provide you a perfect place where you can save all your previous reports and details. Getover with the mess of handling many files, save your data in Report History and we assure you that your data is protected with Doctor Bot.

Snapshots of App 📸

Screenshot 2021-01-30 at 9 12 28 PM Screenshot 2021-01-30 at 7 57 14 PM

Inbuilt Libraries Used 📒

  • UIKit
  • CoreML
  • Message UI
  • AVKit
  • Foundation

External Libraries Used 📦

Key Features 🔐

  • Fast and Secure Diagnosis
  • Save Money
  • Medical assistance on your hand
  • Report storage locker
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Diagnosis History

License ⚖️

MIT License
Please read the License file for details.

How to Contribute 🖋

  • Run the app - Steps are mentioned above.
  • If you face issues in any step open a new issue.
  • To fix issues: Fork this repository, make your changes and make a Pull Request.

Credits ⭐️

  • ML Model Dataset credits :kaggle glad to work with you.

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Made with ❤️ in 🇮🇳 By Gokul Nair

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