The idea behind construction of this app was to remove mental pressure of people when they get affected by diseases. During this pandemic when people are not able to visit hospitals frequently they can use this app to identify what diseases are they affected from. The app provides 89.93% accurate result. The app even provides medicinal suggestions according to the symptoms you have. During this high time when people fear to go hospitals, they can have the same guidance and suggestions being at home using Doctor Bot.

We thought to take it to another level by adding a Medi-Store. The Medi-Stoe is a online medical store from where you can order medicines. In the Medi-Store you dont need to add your prescription or order physically, the doctor who diagnosed you will add the prescription by himself and the medicine will be delivered to your house. The bot remebers your medicine dosage cycle to expiration such that it would notify you when new medicines are to be ordered as well as the warning notification for expiration of medicine.

So our idea was to create an app which provides 100% guidance and suggestions to a patient regardless of going to the hospital, because during this pandemic going out is more riskier, so we created this app which would take care of your medical related problem by being at home.

What it does⚒

Doctor Bot is a medical assistant app used to diagnose various diseases, suggest medical help, to buy online medicines and to save your report history. The app works on various types of high level Machine Learning model. The machine Learning model learns the input image and shows you result. The app consists of an medical bot which help you in identifying various medicines. The app helps to know the top doctors in your are and book an appointment with them. The report section which works on a custom database save your appointment reports with all the details. Even if you book a doctor other than from Doctor Bot then also you cab add your report physically which will be encrypted and saved in the app. The app provides a Medi-Store from where you can order your medicines.

How we built it

Doctor Bot works on various technologies like:

Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Custom Database iOS Framework

So the whole app is built on iOS, in which we used swift, objective C, Ruby language to code the application. The functioning of our diagnosing unit worked on a High Level Machine Learning Model built by us. The ML model provides an accuracy of 89.93%. The ML model is hosted on CoreML, Which is a proprietary tool by Apple. The Medi-Bot works on high level AI which works on various algorithms and data to give you the most precise answer. We also added a Report section in which all your previous appointments with doctors will be added as well as if you book an appointment other than from Doctor Bot the you can add the same through our "Add Report Section". This report section is built on MongoDB which is written on NodeJS and Express.

This are the various technologies we used in our project.

Challenges we ran into

So at the initial stage we were really facing many problems like lack of proper dataset collection, lack of medical guidelines knowledge (we all are engineering students) and etc. Even we faced few difficulties while connecting the database as it was a new task for us to create such complex database. The most difficult part was when we were supposed to convert UIImage to CVPixel buffer format in the code, for the coreML to work on it. But we faced all our problems and made it possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This app have a great impact on our society:

Reduction in use of carbon films. Secure and safe storage of your report. Less contact between people. Smart Notification to alert dosage timings . Less mental pressure. Reduction in capital spent on hospitals. Record history of diagnostic checkups. Record history of previous reports.


We are proud to tell you that Doctor Bot is worlds 1st* App to provide medical assistance even when your are out of Mobile Data or out of coverage. Our Diagnosing unit works on a static model which is updated every weekly basis. So that from now you don't need to take tension of network while using Doctor Bot.

Even we are proud to announce this is the first project , which comes with this unique combinations of various medical facilities.

What we learned

So our journey was really painful in the start, because we were really unaware about the medical rules and guidelines. So our first task was to get the medical guidelines sorted. In the beginning we went through all the medical rules such that we don't offend or break any rule. Later we started building our project.

While building the project we faced various problems from creating a ML model to making a suitable algorithm for the AI bot everything was messy, but we managed to handle all our problems and at last we build our goal which is presented in-front of you. At last we created an App which abide all rules and its not like other virtual apps, its a 100% real world applicable project.

So it was a amazing journey for us to learn new stuffs as well as new technologies:) .

What's next for Doctor Bot

So here our app doesn't stops, In our future updates we will add this following features:

  1. Fall Detection The app will detect your fall using the Apple Watch and it will inform the nearby Hospitals as well as your close friends regarding help .
  2. Advanced Text Recognition So we will add a text recognition model, which would understand your problem and diagnose what problem or disease are you suffering from. This way we can handle with diseases which are not physically visible.
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