💡 Inspiration

We see in news and everywhere about how a lot of lives are lost inside hospital because of unavailability of doctors or staff when needed. Well people often think its due to carelessness of the staff, but not really! Monitoring for 24/7 is tough and always will have a space of human error. And that is exactly why we've come up with DocThru!
This app is very helpful in places and countries that are not very financially stable, as the cost of it is basically zero except a device to run the web app and a mobile for doctor or staff, thats it!

❓ What it does

A doctor can set threshold numbers for his patients. As an example, suppose for a patient X, a heart rate below 55 is highly dangerous. So the doctor can set the number. And then our web app [ https://aakzsh.github.io/docthru/web ] will monitor the ICU monitor 24/7 and check values at regular intervals frequently. If it finds that the values dont lie in the accepted limit, it'll pass an alert, which will be shown to the doctor [or anyone using the docthru app] in form of an alert notification, so that they can provide the right aid asap! It also can store data of doctor and patients, and all the data is sent to the database in an encrypted version [base64 encoding].

🔨 How we built it

For App, we used-
Flutter [as a framework]
Firebase [to manage data and receive alerts]

For Web, we used-
Tesseract [to get values from ICU monitor]
Firebase [to sync data]

🏁 Challenges we ran into

There were a number of challenges we faced, including-
sending notifications properly [it still needs to be optimized]
encrypting and decrypting data
getting the image to text OCR to work properly

🏅Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our idea and how far we've come to achieve it in nearly 2 days, we're also proud that our idea has the potential to make a big effect!

📱 What we learned

We learned how to use tesseract library in the right way, encrypting and decrypting data, sending push notifications, and much more!

👨‍⚕️ What's next for DocThru

We would hope and love to see our project in real world, making a positive impact on the healthcare around the world!


A ppt is attached below that explains the idea in a bit more depth, also demo video shows the demo of it 😊

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