My kid fell sick with the cold just before our Universal Studios / DisneyWorld trip. After searching frantically for a physician who could treat her, we waited 4 hours at the Doctors office before she could be seen. It was allergy season. I knew I had to find a way to put the healthcare consumer at the center of healthcare.

DocSynk is the one-stop app to manage the patient's needs. It helps the patient manage all family members, all payers (health insurers), all doctors and all appointments. It puts the patient in charge - using a patented recommender system (Amazon and Pandora on steroids) to find the physician that's right for her. It helps her set the appointment slots that work for her. It removes information asymmetry by informing her what the visit will cost (approximately) - what will be covered and what will not be covered (including deductible). In case she cannot drive, it integrates with Uber to help her make the appointment. And there's much more. Try it out!

I built it for scale. It is robust, scalable, extensible and high performance.

The technical challenges were relatively easy. The difficulty was in getting doctors to try this out.

Great on the ground results based on 3-month pilot. Reduced no-shows by 40%. Increased top line by 14%.

Healthcare is difficult. However, it is worth it.

We recently raised $1 M from Institutional VCs in our seed round. We're at a $1.5 M run rate this year. We plan on raising our Series A in later this year as growth capital.

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