Docs Viewer for Gear 2 lets you view PDF and Txt files on your watch.

Warning: Your documents must be placed inside the Documents folder to be discovered. At first app launch, the app created that folder for you.


  • Supports PDF and Txt files (UTF-8 encoding. See the guide below).
  • Auto extracts text from document, and optimize the text to be seen clearly on a small watch screen. You don't have to zoom in to view the text.
  • Increase or decrease the font size on the fly. You can decrease the font size to fit more contents on the screen, or increase the font size for bigger text. It's your choice.
  • Page number indicator for PDF files with multiple pages.
  • Renders big documents on demand only. Loading a 100-page documents takes only a few seconds. Rendering is paused if you switch to another app, so there will be no lags.

What's this app good for?

  • Text ONLY documents.
  • Viewing short documents (10 to 30 pages).
  • Guides, recipes.....

What isn't this app good for?

  • Viewing documents with hundred pages. (You don't want to scroll infinitely, do you?)
  • Documents with images, tables, charts. Those elements will not be displayed. You have been warning. This app is for viewing text only.
  • Documents with tables or strange, continuous characters may break the layout of the app. The content is still viewable, though.

Recommended file format: txt. It's displayed faster than PDF files.

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