In many developed countries, the physician/pharmaceutical sales representative relationship has increasingly become the focus of ethical questions. Given this context, the purpose of the present study was to determine the ethical dilemmas faced by pharmaceutical sales representatives in India in their relations with physicians and to identify possible solutions. Through an investigator-designed questionnaire, the ethical problems perceived by 215 pharmaceutical sales representatives were quantitatively analyzed. Nearly all of the participants (96.7%) reported that they had faced ethical dilemmas in marketing drugs to physicians. The most commonly reported problems included low social importance given to them by Doctors. In the chain of intermediaries, the medical representative forms the only link between the doctors, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers. Thus they play a very vital role in representing the company and its products but some of the statistical analysis and logically conducted surveys might surprise us-

  1. Less than 2% of Doctors want to give more than 10 minutes to Reps.
  2. 80% of Healthcare providers/Doctors prefer online information gaining about Chemical drugs and Medical Products.
  3. Around 68% of Doctors want to meet MR once in a month.

What it does

  1. provide a common platform to the Doctors,Healthcare-oriented NGO and institutions, private or government Hospitals,Nursing Home,Insurance companies,dentists,pharmacists etc. and the medical sales representatives in order to make the process of pharma sales more digitalised. 2.Avoid the unethical practices that are being faced by MR and to maintain smooth the functioning of the pharma companies in this Pandemic where social distancing is the prior need of the hour.
  2. Provide more efficiency for both physicians and pharmaceutical sales representatives to adjust the timing according to their ease in accordance with the least hectic days and hours. #Directly connect Medical Sales Representatives with doctors, pharmacy and hospitals, nursing homes, Health-based NGO, dentists, Hospital manager, Health Insurance companies etc. #To provide practice management solutions to Healthcare providers whether individuals or institutions and MSR allowing healthcare providers to manage appointments.

To provide accessible, reliable, and affordable digital healthcare management services.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Took a survey of Healthcare providers and many Medical Reps, from the survey, it was concluded that the idea is good to go thing for 90% participants.

What's next for DocReps

Getting 200+ initial registered Healthcare providers on the platform along with 500+ Medical Reps from different pharmaceutical industries.

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