The COVID-19 pandemic added a lot of risk to the already over-burdened pharmaceutical industries and their medical sales representatives. Doctors are unwilling to meet MSR physically and giving them time from their busy time slots that are already been dedicated to the patients waiting outside the clinic is another challenging task.

What it does

The idea aims at bringing Digitization in the domain of pharmaceutical industries, DocReps provides a platform where Medical Sales Representatives and Doctors can effectively communicate with each other during and after the pandemic. It Reduces the redundant workload of department employees since the platform targets to bring together 200+ Medical-Institutions that includes Doctors clinic, private or government hospitals, Health Insurance companies,Healthcare-oriented NGOs, etc.

##How I built it The thinking is based on the methodologies such as

  1. Productive Marketing strategies 2.Blockchain

Challenges I ran into

Attracting the concerned stakeholders and making them aware of the problems that this particular domain and workforce are facing

What I learned

A Connection must be based on the business to the ecosystem of investors, partners, suppliers, inter-related businesses, and customers. If you are planning to solve any social or conventional problem it would necessarily deal with risk, crisis, and demand/supply dynamics.

What's next

Building and on-ground implementation of Application Seeking support of domain-oriented stakeholders

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