We simply believe that your life is way too important and has to be way too cool for you to waste so much time around scanners and printers. To this end, we want to introduce the beta version of dOCR, a mobile app designed specifically to acquaint users with a novel way to scan their documents.

All that our app requires is for the user to be accustomed with the basic guidelines of taking a document photo, that is, proper lighting, centralize the text and so on. The rest will be taken care by us. At the discretion of the users, they will choose the storage space where we will send their document(s), such as an FTP server or the popular cloud data management service, Drop Box. They would after have the option to edit/print the newly scanned documents. Not only are our algorithms using new high-end approaches to OCR implementations of existing open-source code, but also the whole process of the 'scan' happens without the existence of a database on our back-end. The image analysis is done on the phone and thus the result is faster compared to other approaches to text conversion.

Be sure to keep an eye out for updates and official releases of our app as more complex functionalities and more utilities will be added in the packages to come, including cross platform portability, a more refined image processing mechanism, and many other cool features!

Stay tuned, be efficient, and use dOCR!

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