The inspiration for the app we got from clininist(receptionist), they maintain record of the patients, they appoint patient to the doctor, so we thaught why not make a virtual 3d clininist which can interact with user to gather medical informations.

What it does

Over 3d Receptionist interact with the patients by medium of voice & text, it will attract patients to our app, the form which is required for appointment can be field either by speaking or writing, it will helpful for the people who are visually can't able to see surroundings.

How we built it

We have used Unity Engine to create thid app because unity offers cross platform deployment of application whether it is android, iOS, Windows, Mac or Linux etc.

For storing users data securely we have used Microsoft Azure Playfab SDK for unity, which offers ssl layered security for the data. And we are using playfab to control bot voice ascent remotely, and to change variables of the app.

3d Character Lypsync Using Facebook Oculus SDK.

Challenges we ran into

As hackathon was of two days, we haven't have time to integrate more functionality to the app which we taught to integrate, but at last we implemented as much feature we can.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have turned idea into reality, we made working prototype of our solution.

What we learned

We haven't used flutter but, in this hackathon we learned flutter basics, which we think will be helpful for more such hackathons & for our future scope.

What's next for Docose

Following are the feature we will implement in future *Voice Integration *More Regional Language Support *Doctor Login System and Dashboard *Doctor prescription (How much dose of medicine should patient take)

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