What it does

Provides an interface for doctors to communicate with interpreters that securely provides them with the necessary patient data.

How we built it

After some time spend determining the ideal platform, we landed on the web due to the accessibility and openness it offered. For the Video and live streaming functionality, we used TokBox and for the speech-to-text we used the Web Speech API. The Web Speech API is set up to listen in the entirety of the call, transcribing everything that both parties say (unless your mic is muted either physically or through TokBox. We provided access to this through a 'Room' style interface accessible through a dashboard.

Challenges we ran into

  • Authentication
  • Effective branding
  • An often slow and painful Ideation process
  • Time constraints

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Ending up with a cohesive and truly useful product

What's next for Docodial

  • Truly secure patient data access
  • Persistent user accounts
  • Finding committed volunteers & interpreters
  • UX surveys & in-depth testing

Built With

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