The problem DocMed solves:

DocMed is a healthcare application that makes online medical services seamless, accurate, fast and reliable. DocMed aims at creating an ecosystem which makes healthcare accessible to everyone. Using intelligent technology our application can provide cutting-edge healthcare systems.

Features :

  1. Healthcare Appointments : Bridging the communication gap between healthcare providers and patients with a smart appointment reminder system on WhatsApp.
  2. Digital Prescription : Scratching your head deciphering doctor’s prescription? No worries.. We have made it digital which can be accessed on WhatsApp.
  3. Symptom checker : A ML based technique that gives prognosis of the disease based on symptoms experienced by patient along with the precautions and medications.
  4. Health-insurance charges prediction : Plausible prediction of the applicable insurance charges based on health information provided by the user.
  5. Diet recommendation system : Customized nutritional recommendations for users’ wellbeing.

Challenges we ran into

Every project has its own challenges. This project is no different. While working on this project, our team faced few interesting challenges. Creating an engaging UI/UX is one of them. To overcome this, we learned some UI/UX tactics from few online resources. Also designing the appropriate backend system and integrating it with Machine learning models was a tedious task.

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