Docktor is an application being written for OSX that will allow for quick swapping of the dock icon sets, done via terminal icon changes using the open source project DockUtil.


As an avid OSX user, the dock is an essential part of the operating system. In it’s current state, the dock displays the applications you have open, and allows you to “pin” your most used applications to have quick access even when you’re not using them. Pinning programs is very useful if you use your computer for a limited amount of tasks, but if your Mac is used for a variety of types of work and leisure, pinning all of your necessary software quickly leads to an unusably large list of icons.

Docktor will be the perfect open source solution, saving different dock setups and allowing you to switch between them with relative ease. A “Programming” profile could have Sublime, Terminal, and XCode, while a “Browsing” profile has Chrome, Spotify, and Thunderbird. Docktor will truly allow the user to expand their dock to fit their needs in every situation they use their computer for.


Apache 2 Forked from dockutil, an application by Kyle Crawford.


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