Doceri Desktop Interactive Software and iPad Application

Platforms: iPad for Doceri App available on iTunes at no cost. PC and Mac Computer compatible Doceri Desktop Interactive Software. Download:
Free Trial with no expiration.

Description of Doceri Interactive Software and iPad Application: Doceri allows the teacher to interact with the students and not be tethered to the technology in the classroom. Math lessons are easily created live by annotating on the iPad or in advance in an interactive way for presentation via Doceri animated playback, screen casting, pdf creation or collaboratively.

Doceri is comprised of two parts: Doceri (iPad Application) available on iTunes at no cost. Doceri Desktop Interactive Software for Mac and PC.

The Doceri app (stand-alone) allows lesson creation, screen casting, and image capture.

Doceri Desktop Interactive Software allows the instructor to use the computers output directly to the projector. No other cabling is required as most classrooms have this set up in place already.

Doceri Desktop capabilities: •Simple QR Code Connectivity allows for easy connection to any computer running Doceri by pointing the iPad (2 or 3) camera at the Doceri generated QR Code. •Simple access to help menus through the (?) Question Mark icon. •Ability to see and control the computers (PC or Mac) desktop wirelessly through the iPad from anywhere in the room. •Quick Launch Access to any programs on the teacher computer without having to go to the computers mouse or keyboard. Preloaded programs such as .pdfs, Videos, images, web pages, documents, music files, and Flash content are easily accessed without losing the students attention. •Built-in Pointer feature enables the instructor to call attention to any area of their lesson.

•PowerPoint and Keynote presentation optimization. Doceri allows presenters to easily launch PowerPoint or Keynote presentations through Doceri on their computer. They can easily move forward and backward in their slides, annotate on their slides in real time, save their annotation and move to the next slide without leaving Doceri.

  • Multi-screen support and selection allows you to have two or more displays connected to your computer and present from one and view either from your iPad. Perfect for presenting with PowerPoint and using the iPad as a confidence monitor allowing you to view your Presenters Notes. The students see the slide presentation view only.
  • Quick Zoom-in with touch gesture and quick zoom-out by rotating the iPad.
  • Dual screen view in Portrait Mode allows the instructor to see what the students see.
  • Easy access to previously created lessons/projects through File icon in upper left corner of iPad screen.

•Simple file management allowing lesson creation to be duplicated, merged, moved between desktop and iPad.

  • Files can be created and stored on the iPad or computer.
  • Saving Policy options for drawings allows for files to be locked, saved as new, or a pop up dialog to “ask” if you wish to save any new annotations to your lesson.
  • Doceri lessons, projects and drawings can be merged together combining two or more into a single lesson by dragging them on top of each other in the file management area.

•Interactive Annotation using Doceri allows instructors to face their students while giving their math lesson. The Instructor can write on the iPad and it shows on the projected image for the students live.

  • All annotations can be saved as a Doceri project for playback, sharing in screen casts or pdfs at any time.
  • Teachers stay engaged with students at all times with access to their computer, white-boarding, playback and instruction from anywhere in the classroom.
  • Students can be handed the iPad and finish the problem from their desk without the teacher losing valuable lesson time. No more waiting for a student to work their way to the front of the room and try to use a complicated interactive white board or projector with no formal training.
  • Lessons can be quickly written on the iPad while facing the students.
  • Resume feature allows for moving between desktop control and projection to annotation quickly.

•Multiple Background Patterns, Maps, Colors and Custom Backgrounds

  • Doceri has a large amount of selectable back grounds including various graphs -for Math, lined and colored paper, white board, black board, patterns and maps.
  • Music Staff and textured paper options. -Background color tiles and color wheel allows the user to select any color as a back ground. Custom colors can be saved to the color tiles.
  • Custom Backgrounds can be created using anything that can be brought up on the computer desktop screen, web pages, documents, or images. Custom backgrounds can be created with shapes using the Doceri drawing tools as well.

•Advanced Drawing and Annotation in Doceri is responsive and has no lag when writing.

  • Drawing tools include resizable stylus types and tips, and eraser tool.
  • Line, Arrow, Ellipse and Rectangle tools.
  • Full color palette of preselected color tiles or color wheel for custom colors.
  • Stylus spacing adjustment for making dotted lines.
  • Pivot and snap-to points when connecting strokes and lines.
  • Cut, copy, paste or insert images into lessons.
  • Handy Lasso tool for grabbing strokes or images, and duplicating, replacing or resizing.
  • Wrist Guard provides a clear shade that can be pulled up from the bottom when in annotation mode to allow the user to write with their hand on the iPad surface.

•Doceri’s Time Line is unique, allowing the presenter to create lessons/projects, add pages and stop points, and then using a slider bar, advance/reverse strokes or use the Play button to move the lesson forward or backward in animated fashion at variable speeds.

  • The Time Line allows the presenter to add stop or pause points that will stop the animated playback at preselected points in the lesson.
  • New Page allows presenter to add new images, slides, annotations into the lesson.
  • Time line allows the presenter to move forward or back ward stroke by stroke enabling the instructor to EDIT their work at any time.
  • Editing is done by replacing a stroke or removing an unwanted stroke or error in the lesson.
  • Multi-speed playback bar allows the instructor to create annotated lessons and then play them back at a much faster speed. This allows the students to see the lesson develop at an appropriate animated playback speed keeping their attention and showing movement.

•The Flipped Classroom using Doceri Screen Casting allows teachers to create lessons that are shared with their students:

  • Screen Casting is simple using the iPad and Doceri’s animated playback of lessons. A record button puts the iPad into screen cast mode, allowing the instructor to access the Time Line, adjust the playback speed and then add their voice to the lesson during playback.
  • No need to write and try and record the instructor’s voice at the same time.
  • Playback stops at each selected pause point allowing the instructor to pause the screen cast or stop it.
  • Playback speed can be adjusted to match the instructor’s talking pace at each section for recording.
  • Screen Casts are easily retrieved for playback and sharing as well as being “Opened In” other programs such as Drop Box or any iPad App that that responds to Video.
  • Live Screen Casting can be done over anything presented from the computer or animated playback of Doceri lessons.
  • Each section of the lesson can be recorded separately, then merged by dragging the recordings on top of another recorded section of the lesson (Stacking the Videos on top of each other to combine them into the final screen casted lesson).
  • Screen Casts can be dragged over a number of sharable options including YouTube, FaceBook, or emailed or sent to the iPads Photo Library for posting to a website or Learning Management System such as BlackBoard or Edmodo.
  • Screen Casts can easily be resized to lower resolutions ease of posting or memory efficiency.

•Doceri PDF creation and Export Features: Doceri not only allows you to take a snap shot at any point in the progression of your lesson playback and share it, but it will also compile and create a separate image for each step of the math problem in a pdf. This gives the students an easy way to access a specific part of the problem without having to watch the Screen Cast over and over again to see that specific part of the problem.

  • PDF creation is done automatically and is accessed through the Export icon.
  • Each screen shot is broken into an image based on the user placed pause/stop points or new pages entered in Doceri’s Time Line.
  • Simple Preview access to ensure that each step is broken into specific screen shots for sharing with students in the PDF.
  • Export features email image snapshot, post to FaceBook, send to Photo Library, to Clipboard.
  • Exporting image to other apps can be done by selecting “Open In” and the apps that will be accessible will populate on the iPad.

•Doceri is the Document Camera: Image capture of documents, objects and or images can be done with Doceri and iPads with Cameras.

  • Take a picture and within moments it is on screen and ready to be used for instruction.
  • Dropping in an image from the Photo Library or directly from the camera into a lesson or creating a lesson around an image is easily done.
  • Photos can be resized, moved or pivoted to a location in the lesson and then can be annotated in the lesson.
  • Imported photos can include Math text that can be annotated or shown during the lesson.

•Multiple iPad Collaboration (advanced/experimental) Doceri has an advanced (pre-Beta) feature that allows multiple iPads to be connected to a single computer simultaneously. Applications that are being used at this time in K-12 environments include Computer Lab monitoring, small group collaboration and limited iPad shared using Doceri by students and instructors.

•Total Classroom Control of all AV resources through SP Controls Doceri Classroom System with IP based Projector control, volume and source selection. Requires Additional Hardware for the following features;

  • Doceri allows for the instructor to operate the projector and all AV resourced without ever leaving Doceri.
  • No more battery operated Remote Controls in the room to get lost or stolen.
  • IP based access to projectors throughout district to ensure projector lamps are off.
  • Email notifications for expected lamp expiration.
  • Email notifications for unscheduled disconnects and projector removal.
  • Email notifications for Tech Help.
  • Remote access and control from a central admin location.
  • Contact security for emergency situations.
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