The healthcare system in India is completely broken, especially in Government Hospitals where the patients face multiple problems such as - Doctor absence, No Complaint System, Long Crowd Lines. So, we have tried to improve this system not only for Patients but also for Doctors by making DocDoc app and website.

What it does

DocDoc app and website work seamlessly together to achieve three major purposes-

  1. It works as a doctor attendance system to ensure that the doctors are not absent from hospital, which is a common problem in Govt Hospitals.

  2. It helps patients to know the number of people in Queue in the hospital and hence helps them to decide the best time for them to visit it, which in turn also reduces the burden on the doctor giving him a smooth frequency of patients throughout the day.

  3. It provides the patients a genuine feedback of the doctor they plan to visit.

How we built it

We designed a very intelligent location tracking system that doesn't need internet to be turned on for whole day. We track the doctor location after every 30 minutes using GPS. This location is stored locally on user's mobile until end of the day when the doctor needs to submit his report by turning on his internet once.

Challenges we ran into

Designing a Doctor attendance system without having the doctor to keep his Internet turned On for whole day.

Designing a hard to break or come by patient counting & feedback system to reduce queues and allow the patients to choose the most appropriate time to visit the hospital.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Doctor tracking system without Internet.

Designing a system to know the amount of patients in queue by sitting at your home.

What we learned

We learnt a huge lot of new things including working with multiple APIs, Machine Learning, Sentimental Analysis, etc.

What's next for DocDoc

We have amazing plans for DocDoc- We plan to integrate machine learning to detect the best time for you visit doctor.

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