Introducing a novel technology to an old age problem, DocChARt adapts AR to best practice care for clinicians, improving care and savings costs.

What is the background?

  • Current medical care is:
    • Inefficient and sometimes paper-based
    • Involves the use of multiple sources of medical data
    • Increasingly time-consuming (56% of ward round [WR] spent on paperwork, 18% on delays/interruptions)
  • Fernandes & Eneje report WR inefficiencies in note-taking
    • Noted time lost during WR looking for notes, writing medical issues, past medical history
    • Average time ~8-9.5 minutes medical WR per patient
    • Reduced to 6 min with electronic data printed for WR

Our solution - DocChARt

  • Innovative solution to efficiency of care
  • Use of portable augmented reality (AR) technology for:
    • Quick, secure viewing of unique relevant patient medical data linked to ID
    • Dynamic vital sign presentation
    • Linked with bedside clinical devices
    • Linked with medical alert systems
    • Viewing relevant medical history in real-time
    • Linked with electronic medical records, or manually inputted data
  • While easily accessible via smartphone, tablet or customised headset

Information included

1) Patient identifier, demographics 2) Observations/vital signs

  • Option to zoom to specific vitals, view trends 3) Menu to zoom to relevant history, allergies, medications, bloods

    • Secure, two factor verification for login by physician/treating clinician
    • Ability to access data via unique patient code
  • Portability of information

What makes this different?

  • Ability
    • Providing dynamic information quickly in real time
  • Efficiency
    • Potential to improve speed, reduce WR time, improve patient care, reduce length of stay
  • Portability
    • Can use existing technology – patient labels for use
    • Use of AR app on smartphone/tablet
    • Headset battery standby of ~6 hours before recharge
  • Security
    • Carried by clinicians
    • Secured by two factor authentication, intranet system linkage


  • DocChARt: innovative new approach to improving clinical efficiency
  • Accessible real-time clinical information using adapted software + hardware
  • Secure, reliable, and verifiable
  • Not a replacement for medical care, but a valuable assistant

How we built it

  • Sketch Application

Challenges we ran into

  • iOS ID Biometric Authentic Integration
  • Obtaining a functioning domain
  • Adapting AR to medical purposes

What We learned

  • API
  • Amazon Web Services

What's next for DocChart

  • Potential for Capitalisation/Investment

Built With

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