Рatients do not trust the quality of prescribed medicines Online ordering prescription medicines is not exist Online tracking the manufacture and delivery of medicines is not exist Patients forget or do not take medicines in a timely manner


The platform for: As doctors: give an approvement of buying current medicine for current patient, As patient: online purchase prescription medicines, do not forget to take medicine in time As government: transparent story to reduce counterfeit## How I built it

Technical details

Firstly, the patient goes to the doctor to take the receipt. He can visit 1 or more doctors and they create smart-contract on blockchain as a receipt on medicine. And patient receive the rights on this medicine.

Secondly, the patient goes to the online Pharma shop and take the medicine. If he has the rights on the medicine, seller will send medicine with courier and check in blockchain, that he sent the medicine. When the patient receive the medicine, he can check it in blockchain.

Third, after receiving the medication, the patient makes a deposit to the account of the smart contract, equal to the cost of the drug. Every day when taking the medicine, he notes this with the help of the phone in a smart contract. By the end of the reception, the reserved funds are returned to him. If he got off the schedule and did not drink the drugs, then part of the funds will go to the reserve fund, and the patient will be able to spend them only as bonuses on the next purchase.

Be treated on time, or you will have to buy medicine again!

What is done?

Smart-contract Android-application Web-interface

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