We empathised with patients that live in rural areas where accessing healthcare was an additional burden on top of their medical needs. Through viewing the problem from the perspective of our user persona, we were able to understand their pain points, what matters more to them, and what good healthcare looked like for them.

What it does

Our solution aims to seamlessly bridge the gap between the medical consultation and the patient getting their requested investigative tests done. We created a business model where post-consultation, the doctor can request e.g. blood test, ECG, urine sample etc through our booking system, and then this would be accessible to the patient to book, via our app Doc2Go, at a time and date that is most convenient for them... and at their home! Not only does this provide value for the patient, but also the healthcare workers, the insurance companies, and the larger healthcare governing bodies.

How we built it

We built the wireframe and prototype using Figma and built the demo app using Voiceflow coding technology (which runs off the back of JavaScript)

Challenges we ran into

Creating an API on Voiceflow that would not only call on data stored in a database (that held the patient's medical test requests) but making it also push data to a Google calendar and to a second separate database once the request had been booked. Also getting a screen record of the voice flow demo (we have linked the prototype down below instead - have fun using it!)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud of what we created to meet an important user need, and the fact that this project was created over a weekend, with us being hackathon newbie's, and we've never worked together before, made it all the better as we worked really well together, leaning on each other's strengths and collaborating across different geographical timezones!

What we learned

The power of communication (so regular zoom catch-ups to update on progress and next tasks) and project managing to stay on track

What's next for Doc2Go

See if we can actually develop it with code into an actual app, and start gathering real-time user feedback!

Thank you once again to all the mentors, judges, and the ClinHack Team for putting on such an event - it was such a great experience!

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