Doc Hunt was inspired by our love for games and finding new ways to play them. We wanted to be able to play the classic Duck Hunt in the way it was meant to be played - with the NES Zapper - but without rigging up old, hard to find, and sometimes unreliable technology.

What it does

Doc Hunt is a spiritual successor to the classic NES game, Duck Hunt, although instead of shooting birds with the NES Zapper, you shoot Dr. Bepsi cans with Myo (an armband peripheral that detects motion in the arm's muscles and its position and rotation in space) gestures. Our game provides a more modern and intuitive solution to playing Duck Hunt without a Zapper or the hassle that comes along with using it or the NES.

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Aim: X and Y on gyro Shoot/Select: Fist gesture Reset Cursor/Reticle to Center: Double finger tap gesture

How we built it

To create Doc Hunt, we used the C# wrapper Myosharp to detect and interpret gestures in Visual Studio. We developed a game similar to Duck Hunt in a Windows Form Application using C#. We used the Myo's gyroscope and accelerometer to move the cursor and the Myo's default gestures to shoot.

Challenges we ran into

Because of the extremely little amount of documentation of Myosharp at all, we faced many roadblocks along the way. We had no idea how to use .dlls, reference projects, or get values from the Myo. We also didn't know how to get values from Myo live, whether to use the gyroscope or accelerometer, get a Vector3 from its gyroscope and apply it's gyroscopic component.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to demo at our very first Hackathon and Hack K-State, as well as to figure out how Myos integrate into Visual Studio and other tools.

What we learned

After this Hackathon, we learned tons about Visual Studio C#, motion controls and tracking, and even some physics. We learned what it's like to work in teams under pressure and what its like to program for foreign hardware with little documentation.

What's next for Doc Hunt

Next, we will most likely make a few more gamemodes and turn Doc Hunt into more of a Warioware-style game. Our team will continue to work on software and games together.

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