Inspiration:-Many people in today's world do not know much about fitness and health. thus we made this website to help the people get the basic knowledge of these two worlds which are most important in today's world

What it does:-Doc-Fit Go is a user-friendly website solemnly made of HTML and javascript which can be used to get basic information about fitness and health, we aim to make this information available on one site thus people especially those who haven't heard enough of it can get the most information out of the website

How we built it:-We built it using our HTML and javascript knowledge, we have used the HREF tag to link the webpages and also the button tag to make buttons. For the database part, we used the form spree server for storing the login credentials of the user

Challenges we ran into:-We ran into multiple challenges like connecting the database and also challenges in javascript as none of us was good at that, we also ran into a problem of adjusting the images properly but eventually, it was all sorted out

Accomplishments that we're proud of:-As High school students , we are proud to participated give our best in this hackathlon. We are also proud to make a fully user friendly website within 2 nights

What we learned:-we learned a lot of things in hackathons including : time management, team work and a lot of coding skills

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