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What to Know About Medecins Sans Frontieres USA(Doctors Without Borders USA)

Medicine Sans Frontieres(Doctors Without Borders USA) is a non-profit tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code whose duty is basically to help People and Communities threatened by Natural Disaster, Pandemics, Wars, Conflicts and those who needs Medical Assistance.

According to, One of their major duties is to provide lifesaving Medical Humanitarian Care and Communications to the Victims of Circumstance. As humanitarian organization, Medicine Sans Frontieres USA Plays vital roles during Pre and Post Covid19 Pandemics in other to help Save Lives.

This Application is Powered by
1.) DocuSign E-Signature API
2.)Google Forms
3.)Google SpreadSheet


As this contest is going on, My bosom friend Fredrick asked me, if it is possible to implement some Google Business tools like Google Forms, Google Sheets on top of venerable Docusign API to make Documents Sending and Signing more easier, flexible and secured for Medecins Sans Frontieres USA Donators and Volunteers. We tried the coding for some days and there was a progress and as a result, this application was born.

What it does

It makes Donators & Volunteers Documents Contacts data Collections, Sending and Signing more easier, flexible, documented, interactive and secured for Doctors Without Borders USA(Medecins Sans Frontieres USA).

How to use the Application.

1.) To start collecting Donators and Volunteers Documents Signing Informations for Medecins Sans Frontieres USA, You will need to send them the link of the Google Form you created above.

Eg. At the Google Form click on Preview (eye Icon), copy the Form Links. Each time an MSF Donators or a Volunteers submitted that from the Google Form, Then the Submitted Data is processed and then saved on Google Form, Google SpreadSheet and from Google SpreadSheets then on our Application Backends.

2.) Login into the main applications with your Docusign Credentials to access the applications. (Additional bonus is that if someone also sent you a documents with your Docusign Email Address, You can be able view and Track all the Documents Transactions sent to you by other Docusign Users from the Application.)

3.)Goto Settings Section to Update the Application Settings

4.) Goto Create Template Section to Create templates

5.) Goto Contact Dashboard to View and Access MSF Volunteers Contacts Information's submitted from Google Form and Google SpreadSheets

6.)From Contacts Dashboard, Pick your Documents Signers and start sending Documents/Envelopes. Number of Sent Documents/Envelopes are updates for each Documents Signers/Contacts

7.) Goto Recent Sent Documents sections to Track all the Documents/Envelopes that you sent to all your documents signers in real-time.

8.) Goto Your Received Documentssection to view and Track all the Documents/Envelopes sent to you by other Docusign Users in real-time.

How we built it

This Application was built with 1.) DocuSign E-Signature API via Docusign PHP Quick Tutorials
2.)PHP, Mysql, Bootstraps, Ajax-Jquery
3.) Google SpreadSheets
4.)Google Forms

Built With

  • docusign-api
  • docusign-php-sdk
  • google-docs
  • google-spread-sheets
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