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Tip About American Red Cross Organization

American Red Cross is one legal entity. It is a tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

America Red Cross is a Non Profit Organization whose duty is basically for Medical Help, Emergency Planning, Execution and Managements. Majors Duties of American Red Cross Includes:

  • To help Provide Communications to the Victims in Emergency and Critical Situations.
  • To help provide First Aids Treatments to the Victims
  • To help in Disaster Relief both domestically and internationally.
  • To help in building Blood Bank via Blood Donations.
  • This Application is Powered by
    1.) DocuSign E-Signature API
    2.)Documents Delivery Conversation and Discussion System
    3.) Azure Language Translator API
    4.)Azure Text to Speech Cognition API
    5.) Azure Text-Analytical and Opinion Mining Sentimental AI
    6.) Azure Documents Entities and Keyphrases Analysis AI
    7.) And Many More


    During Covid19 Pandemic, American Red Cross Organization works tirelessly and courageously to educate, provide Medical help to the needy, the elderly and the most vulnerable. American RedCross being a non profit humanitarian Organization, Some people are Joining them either as a Blood Donor, Volunteer or Money/Gifts Donators.
    We created Artificial Intelligence(AI) Collaborative Workspace System:

    1.) To help make Blood Donations & Volunteers Documents Signing more easier, secured and interactive for American Red Cross Volunteers.
    2.) To help solve certain issues that might be faced by Volunteers during and after Documents Electronic Signing.

    How to Run The Projects Locally.

    1.) Ensure that You have Xampp Server Installed.
    2.) Ensure that PHP and Mysql are running properly on the Xampp Server
    3.) Download The PHP Projects Sample from Docusign Developer Portals. It will automatically configure all the API access keys for you. Unzip your Downloaded Docusign PHP SDK Projects.
    The Downloaded PHP Docusign Projects comes with a readme file to help you get started.

    4.) I Renamed my project to (docusign_ai). At main directory Eg. C:\xampp\htdocs\docusign_ai, edit file called ds_config.php Ensures that all your

    Clients ID,
    signer Email,
    Signer Name variables etc are properly replaced and configured.

    Very Important:

    Remember that we just deleted the Content of our Private.key for Security Reasons. so you can add your own private.key or better clone it from Docusign Developers PHP Quickstart App.

    How we built it

    This Application was built with 1.) DocuSign E-Signature API via Docusign PHP Quick Tutorials
    2.)PHP, Mysql, Bootstraps, Ajax-Jquery

    What's next for Docusign AI (For American Red Cross)

    Built With

    • azure-ai
    • docusign-api
    • docusign-php-sdk
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