Nowadays, a visit to a doctor involves a lot of effort for a patient. An appointment must be made (possibly consultation hours with waiting times), examination documents must be brought along and the journey to/from the doctor's office must be organized. However, the patient's symptoms could be linked to a simple cold. With Doc 4.0 we want to revolutionize the visit to the doctor. We want to relieve both the patient and the doctor by allowing the patient to report symptoms to the doctor at an early stage and allowing relevant patient data to be easily exchanged between doctors. Based on the symptoms our AI suggests possible illnesses and treatments to the doctor. These must be verified by the doctor so that the patient can start with the treatment. The patient does not even have to go to the doctor. If a visit is necessary the doctor can easily arrange an appointment over the web interface.

What it does

Patients communicate with a chatbot within a mobile app. As a result, symptoms of their disease are recorded. These are then forwarded to the responsible doctor who can view these data. On the basis of this, the doctor can obtain an overview of various diseases and their treatments by means of a statistical evaluation and thus, depending on the urgency, propose an appointment directly to the patient or forward or reject the request.

How we built it

We have developed a native Android application that contains a chatbot developed with Symptoms are filtered out by natural language processing. These are sent to a Node.js web server via a RESTful interface. There the symptoms are then evaluated on the basis of cloud data from past treatment. The doctor receives suggestions for diseases and treatments in the web view and can then suggest an appointment that is transferred to the patient.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Making patient to doctor communication easier for everyone.
  • We connect public health service with the digital world of today. Trying to solve the problems of classic health services with the advantages of digitalization.

What's next for Doc 4.0

  • Improve medical research with big data acquired by Doc 4.0 and our MedClour behind.
  • Combine the application with larger data sources.
  • Connect Doc 4.0 with health insurances.
  • Use health data acquired by smart-watches.
  • Get in production.

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