The average cumulative wait time to see a "physician for all five specialties surveyed in 2014 in all 15 markets was 18.5 days." - Merritt Hawkings 2014 Survey Of Physician Appointment

"75% of our health care dollars goes to treatment of chronic diseases. " - CDC

A prevailing problem in medicine is inefficiency in patient care. Appointments often take long periods to schedule and due to this latency, a patient's time spent with doctors does not always serve a patient's most pressing medical needs.


We sought to build a HIPAA-compliant platform that could enable doctors to efficiently allocate their time with patients.

Doc consists of a mobile app for patients to monitor their daily health, as well as a web platform for doctors to view the patient's health data.

This enables the doctor to view the patients' statistics at a glance through the Doc web platform, and enables them to make superior decisions for each patient. Further, doctors can also prioritize those patients whose recorded data is unexpected and may be indicative of high-risk.


Anna, Rock Health VC Intern Kashyap, Google Intern Adithya, Peter Thiel Fellow Evan, Princeton Student, Ryan, Designer at Fuse

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