Initially the project was meant for playing with unreal engine and getting familiar with the platform. The project quickly took shape with some high chrome textures

What it does

The simulation allows you to possess a blue chrome character in an isolated environment. This environment is meant to be a digital community art space that leverages various strengths of the unreal engine(lighting, interactivity, material) while giving the user the ability to hook up to a VR headset or use a mobile device to expirience the 3D digital space, Because of the open nature of GitHub, digital artist can work in their exhibits to the project and expand the space. Its a revolutionary disruption of the conventional museum industry.

How we built it

Using open models, home built models in blender and the raw power of the unreal engine, this project came to be with lots of help from documentation.

Challenges we ran into

Computing power was a huge issue, rendering took alot of processing power and the computers used/relied on touchpads not a mouse and thus limited mobility in the engine. Another issue was with the engine not recognizing control input on certain axis's. The project would also hang when launched in HTML5 eventually prompting a full shutdown of the engine.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

How to use blender to make 3d models, the fundamentals of the unreal engine and computer physics.

What's next for Ato

The Blue Chrome man with be utilized to explore an in-game environment that emphasizes 3D art and computer physics. The optics of the blue chrome skin are excellent in reflecting any in-game community art and could lead to an abstract art museum.

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