WHY: Short version

In one line: I want to inspire as many people as possible around the world to become a healthier lifestyle and support them to increase their life quality.

WHY: Longer version

Since 12 month I'm working on a vision - an ecosystem with focus on everyone's everydaylife and each individual goal you and others can chase and achieve.

Which goals I'm chasing with that purpose?

  • Increase everyone's daily focus on their goals...
  • ...to become and feel happier each day...
  • ...to make their mindset more powerful...
  • ...while everyone's daily immune system gets stronger...
  • ...while everyone's daily energy level growth...
  • ...while everyone's daily mental health gets better...
  • ...while everyone's body and mental health system vulnerability decreases...
  • ...and all that with minimal effort for everyone!!!

Why we all should work on that vision?

The year before covid19 the World Economic Forum released their Global Risk Report of 2019: link

In this report specialists are talking about the decreased mental health of humanity, which was one of the inputs inspired me to create my vision.

Also the fact, that we still have countries, which don't have a working health system or having a health system, which don't has a real focus on "support everyone's immune system and make each individual lifestyle healthier" inspired me to DO someting. Even our health system in Germany isn't the best one and fixes a lot of personal problems with pills instead of a healthier solution.

And pills aren't a solution, they're just a workaround!

HOW: So how we can fix all of the named problems?

Everyone follows his individual everyday life and the associated environment.

Both, the individual everyday life and the associated environment, lead to the fact that we either come through our own life healthy and strongly, or lose our joy in life, inhibited and impaired in health.

And that happens when we lose our focus on the essentials in life - the person who lives that specific life!

So how we can bring back focus to the right essentials in life?

The normal way

The normal way would be reflecting on yourself. Ask yourself "What do you want to achieve in your life?"

Then you need to find the right information about each goal and the way you need to go to achieve everything.

  • Read hundreds of blogposts
  • Buy and read hundred pages of books
  • (Buy and) Watch hours of videos on several platforms
  • Listen to hours of podcast episodes on several platforms
  • Buy and visit workshops of coaches
  • Buy and visit workshops of nutritionists
  • Buy and visit workshops of personal trainers
  • Rent a coach
  • Rent a nutritionist
  • Rent a personal trainer
  • Buy minimum one monthly abo of a smartphone app with focus on todos, manage and use it
  • Buy minimum one monthly abo of a smartphone app with focus on goals, manage and use it
  • Buy minimum one monthly abo of a smartphone app with focus on nutrition, manage and use it
  • Buy minimum one monthly abo of a smartphone app with focus on movement or fitness, manage and use it

The new way (or how I call it: The DO way)

  • Install and use the app Do2Grow, manage and use it


Every coin has two sides. My vision, too.

On the one side you have a smartphone app called Do2Grow, your everyday life assistant directly out of your pocket. The smartphone app combines every functionallity you need, to achieve your personal and individual goals.

And on the other side you have a CCMS - a Customer and Content Management System, where the named professionals like coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers can create content for their customers while coaching them with focus on every individual progress in every individual everyday life.

Both sides combined are the perfect ecosystem to evolve everyone's focus on themselves, their lifestyle, health and future life quality.

Why I'm here?

I want to increase my network, knowledge and team size. Also I want to get feedback from everyone who shares the same vision and sees the same problems I see.

Only with constructive criticism my vision and of course I will make progress, too.

What's next for Do2Grow?

coming soon

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