Working out why your cupboards are so full is difficult, and it involves actually moving around your house, from room to room, to find where all of your space is gone. We decided that since moving your own body is so labourious nowadays (think Uber, Self-Driving Cars, hoverboards, skyhooks, etc) we decided to bring the contents of your cupboards to your computer screen (since that's where you probably are anyway)!

What it does

A query-based analysis of the lines on your statement that show you random pictures from the retailers that you have been spending at, with the hope of encouraging you to spend less and save more (ha!).

How we built it

Importing all of the data into MySQL, then doing SQL-views of the data to minimise code. A random image table is used to select a random image that matches the retailer, and we return this line-by-line back to the PHP which writes javascript into an image array (amongst other things).

We present the five analysis areas; favourite retailer, bar chart showing retailer transaction count and total spend, stack of pictures, pie chart showing tags, and pie chart showing retailer usage.

Challenges we ran into

Javascript is tough, man. Don't judge. Also, Jack can't tear himself away from his phone for more than a few minutes so we don't have as many images as we'd like...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Collaboration of a brand new back-end dev (Daniel) and front-end dev (Alex) to create something that actually works! Everything is modular so we can work together, simultaneously.

What we learned

  1. See challenges.
  2. MySQL views are fun! And it's a lot easier to do it at the database than in the PHP code.

What's next for Do You Even Hoard?

Not much, unless we get some real data to put into it...

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