Have you ever spaced out on Facebook, reddit or Twitter for hours at a time when you should be working? Our Google Chrome extension, Do's Feed, eliminates that issue by integrating the tasks you have into your social media feeds. You'll be gently reminded of your tasks to make sure you don't lose that precious time before something is due.

The important part about Do's Feed is that once you set your tasks, being reminded is purely natural. Whenever you impulsively open a new tab for Facebook, to read it for just one minute, Do's Feed is there to remind you to get back to what you were doing before that minute turns into 10. The posts are of the same format as the site's posts, so the reminders are non-intrusive.

Do's Feed uses weighted probability algorithms in order to prioritize what you want to be reminded of.

Customizability is essential. You have the power to control what websites this extension applies to, and the relative frequency of viewing tasks.

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