As children, we were always excited to draw images of our favourite things like houses and people's faces. We therefore thought that it would amazing if we could convert these simple images into a game that could be played by anyone.

What it does

The user can use one of his own sketched images using the submit button and the color rules mentioned on the website or select one of the three templates already given on the website. The image submitted/template then gets converted into a simple game where the user has to move a ball using the arrows to collect the coins, avoid the lava and reach the endpoint.

How we built it

We built this by setting up a django app and mostly writing python scripts. We then use hsv filtration to process the image submitted by the user and create a simple html game and track the ball movement using a clarity.js file. We then deployed the app on the google cloud platform.

Challenges we ran into

Deploying the game on the google cloud platform, tracking the ball movement clearly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Setting up a successful game generator in less than 24 hours

What we learned

How to use various packages and frameworks efficiently in combination with each other and manage our time appropriately

What's next for Do it yourself game

Implement more and better types of platform games

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