Helping others stay motivated to exercise. We wanted to be unique so we added a condescending aspect. We also wanted it to be fun so we made a score board and a strength sheet so you could keep track of how strong you are and progressively overload over time.

What it does

It gives a menu where it introduces the name and a play button, then leads to a screen where a person would input their height and weight. Afterwards, you would select a difficulty where a video would play and a camera would track how well you follow the video. Your accuracy is recorded with a score. Score does not track accurately and menus are limited.

How we built it

We used Visual Studio Code, Git, Git Hub, Python, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Media Pipe, and open CV to create and put everything together

Challenges we ran into

We ran into issues with trying to configure the mediapipe to working with Python and HTML; however, we eventually where able to get it to operate within Javascript. We had an uphill battle with CSS arranging the layout of the buttons.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is our first college hackathon that all team members had. We all contributed a lot into this project and we managed to squeeze out a decent product within a small time frame while attending workshops, learning and applying workshop technical skills, and having fun.

What we learned

We got a lot better at JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, and debugging. In addition, we learned how to use Git/GitHub and collaborate as a team. We gained various knowledge from the workshops which allowed us to complete our project.

What's next for Do Good Fitness... OR ELSE

Definitely improve our scoreboard, menu, and "squash bugs" (debug). In addition, we would also add more workouts and implement more accurate difficulty levels and BMI calculators.

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