I needed to build something fast to enter into the Packathon. A Pack that adds custom formulas and fetches external data seemed appropriate to me, even though I am fully aware that many other participants will be competing with much richer/better Packs.

What it does

This pack adds two custom formulas that query Cloudflare's DNS API to retrieve information about the values of different DNS records of any domain.

How we built it

JavaScript + Coda's Pack SDK documentation

Challenges we ran into

Not much to say, to be honest, the platform is a joy to develop for and the documentation that Coda provides is excellent.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Nothing to brag about at this time.

What we learned

How to add custom functions to Coda that:

  • Use optional parameters.
  • Provide autocomplete values.
  • Show built-in examples in the contextual help.
  • Provide a column format.
  • Fetch data from an external service.

What's next for DNS Query

Not much, really, either. My next Pack will be more complex and solve a more specific use-case.

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