DNNR: Find Food Fast.

How it works

Dnnr enables people to find food that is "attractive" to them in a interface that does not initially distinguish between restaurants, cuisines, or other criteria. To accomplish this, we combined the APIs (and scraping functions) of Yelp for business and photos, and Google Maps for location processing.

Challenges we ran into

At first, Yelp did not supply the photos that we needed to make the project possible, so we had to improvise: by scraping information off of the consumer website, we were able to seamlessly integrate existing content into our app. Later on, the location information that we were passing the another Yelp API was not working, so we had perform extra processing with the Google Reverse-Geocoder API, turning geo-coordinates into streets, cities, and zip codes.

What we learned

"Sleep is for the weak" -- until it causes you to make horrible mistakes and spend excessive time undoing them. :-)

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