We are a mostly novice group that wanted to learn html and javascript. a Website with tools for dungeons and dragons sounded like a great project for us to gain some experience and make a product we could use and possibly expand on later.

What it does

It is a website with 4 seperate and usefull tools that can aid any dungeons and dragons experience

How we built it

as a group we planned what features we wanted for the website and split up the tasks among us, each of us developing a webpage that offered a unique tool or means of navigation.

Challenges we ran into

Three of our four members had to learn html and javascript on the spot, and hit the ground running with it. We had aid from our more experienced team member although all of us hit a good amount of roadblocks, sometimes needing complete reworking of our individual parts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud as a group to have learned a new programming environment and to have built in said environment, actually producing a use-able product in a way we where not previously capable of doing.

What we learned

We learned html and javascript, and in the process a great deal about how websites are made, from hands on experience.

What's next for dndllama

We had fun and may continue to work on the site, although no plans have been made.

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