Just an idea by Anand

What it does

Will allow

How we built it

We used, a Django tutorial, to implement most of what we did, and made the added customized races possible

Challenges we ran into

Making the basis of the database, especially since Django is relational (Like SQL), thus not allowing simple lists of items. This lead to some designing of the database. Anton helped sort this out (he's a planner sorta guy)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Anton's happy about designing how the database will likely be structured, Anand and Lorenzo are pretty happy with the progress with both the designing and just the code itself

What we learned

Djnago, and a bit of the importance of gaining a good insight to a module or language before starting on it (hint Django)

What's next for DND Homebrew

Implementing homebrew classses, subclasses, feats, proficiencies, and more

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