D&D for Discord

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Dungeons & Dragons made easier for Dungeon Masters in Discord

What is this?

Put simply, this is a Discord bot that helps Dungeon Masters (DMs) create their own D&D game in Discord.

Features include:

  • [X] Find A Time for the next DnD session using Radar.io's API for geo-encoding and coordinate generator.
  • [X] A multi dice roller. (e.g: $roll 2d12)
  • [X] A complete and private inventory manager.
    • [X] Items added to players' inventories by DM or D&D bot.
    • [X] Check player's inventory privately via direct message.
  • [X] A DM managed loot/XP generator. (req: 'currency'; opt: 'DM's custom loot')


As members of our D&D club here at our high-school, we've noticed that there were a few things that took too long. We've noticed in our D&D club's Discord server that our DMs took too long rolling the dice, finding a time to play, and managing xp/loot/inventory Our DMs were simply stuck in the 'pen and paper era' of the 1980s. As die-hard D&D enthusiasts before COVID-19, we thought this was fine and we even felt like we were in a damp basement hunched over a wooden table with dice in our hands. Until COVID-19 hit New York City and all bets were off when it came to using Discord as our medium and continuing to use the 'pen and paper' method. So, as a gift to our DMs, we've decided to create this discord bot for the betterment of our D&D club and to appease our D&D diehard souls.


  • Jacob Koziej
  • Shaedil Dider
  • Daniel Kogan
  • "Pika" M.

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