Our team was inspired by our own experiences with license renewal during the pandemic in Colorado. After being sent back home due to incorrect forms, the frustration of having to schedule yet another appointment fueled the inspiration for DMVeasy.

What if there were a way for DMV employees to check our required documentation prior to our scheduled appointments?

What if you could get approval online and skip the line entirely?

Enter DMVeasy.

What it does

All you have to do is sign up, submit photos of all your required documents and fill out one form. After you’ve uploaded all of this information a DMV employee will make sure everything is in order before approving your appointment. Never get sent home for more paperwork from the DMV again!

How we built it

DMVeasy was built with Node, Express, and Google Firestore on the backend, and React, Tailwind CSS, and Anvil API on the front-end.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into so many challenges learning new technologies and frameworks. Learning how to use the Anvil API properly was a little bit of a struggle at first – especially since there aren't many Stackoverflow answers out there to help! Our biggest challenge was learning how to use Google Firebase/Firestore, Authentication and Functions in order to send our files from our front end to our database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Wrestling with the Anvil Fill PDF API
  • Learning how to style with Tailwind CSS
  • Some of us have never used Google Firebase or Firestore. Others learned new functionality!

What we learned

  • Pair coding with one another! Switching from both the front end and back end
  • Tailwind CSS + responsive design
  • Saving documents to storage buckets with Google Firebase
  • How to use Anvil API
  • Accessing data from Anvil's complex data object!

What's next for DMVeasy

The next features planned for this app are to add Stripe's Payment API, add authorized portions to our site for DMV employees, enable Anvil's Etch E-sign API. We would love to add more content to make your next visit to the DMV easier and streamline DMV employees' workflow.

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