Online marketplaces oftentimes cannot convey exactly what items are being offered accurately - this is a barrier to both the buyer and the seller. Our goal is to make this intermediary more efficient, to reduce frictions and to expedite transactions. We hope to do this through a more dynamic depiction of a product: through video.

What it does

Each seller pitches their product through a live stream video, and our app will take their speech, put it into words and hashtag it, detects essential data like type of good, price, etc. and displays it in an organized fashion to the platform. The market place showcases videos that are not only live, but also saves the previous pitches that have already been made into a repository that visitors can access.

How we built it

We used the TokBox API to provide the live streaming feature, and then we used that video to show on the front end. From the video, we translated speech to text to display on the website (which we formatted through Bulma).

Challenges we ran into

Google Glass (original hardware to use) not working

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting our final product to work despite our original mishap with hardware

What we learned

More about front end, about integrating dynamic video into pages, translating speech to text

What's next for DMP

Adding correlative features, like comparable goods and prices; ratings and review/comments from buyers/sellers, etc.

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