The challanges and the theme of the hackathon inspired the idea

What it does

Shows you local projects in the community that need funding. You can contribute donations or micro-loans to local businesses, projects or individuals. This would allow you to contribute and help improve your local community.

How I built it

Python, Flask, SQLite to build the backend and the set up the database that we are using. We are using Javascript, React JS, HTML to build the front end of the website.

Challenges I ran into

None of us has used Flask or SQLite before, so the challenge of learning it quickly and getting a database up and running. We did struggle with the relationship between the databases for a while. We split up our website project badly, so even though we set up Google Cloud and have a domain linked to the bucket, we can't use it. Ran out of time to do stuff as usual in these types of events.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That we managed to build a functioning website with a full back end.

What we learned about

Flask, SQLite, Git, Python, Javascript, React JS. Learned about and Google Cloud.

What's next for DMoney

To add more functionality. We have only build the skeleton/prototype for the idea.

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