You're stuck in the future today in a DeLorean that doesn't move and all you have is your trusty Office 365 account and a pair of Calvin Kleins

What it does

Scans you inbox for Error Codes from the Flux Capacitor and returns known solutions straight to your task pane

How I built it

A simple RegEx queries the mail, a data service then checks for known solutions and presents them to you in an easy to manage manner

Challenges I ran into

Getting yo office to work through a proxy. App is dynamically reloaded but XML must be deleted and re-added every time. Time constraints due to long commutes, a terrible rail infrastructure (the DeLorean is broken) and poor connections. We could have really done with a flying train....

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got it to work! It was an uphill battle getting started (we blame Biff) and we both had a long way to go.

What I learned

We learned the basic structure of an Office 365 add-in, how well it can integrate with Angular for an 88.5mph development flow and what not to do.

What's next for dmc12-support

Integrate with a OneDrive data store for known solutions for both reading of pre-existing solutions and the creation of new solutions. These would ideally pass through the data service and be saved back into an Excel spreadsheet which could then be used for reporting or to keep a human-readable copy of the almanac.

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