A desire to provide excellent mapping services to the under-served billions living in slums and favellas. Also, personal frustration at not being able to find a privacy respecting application with excellent routing.

What it does

It interfaces with a open source renderer and creates a platform for contributors and wanderers. Contributors are the users that contribute paths and receive Luno micro-payments. Wanderers are the users who use the application for navigation.

How We built it

Developed backend in Python. Interfaced with OpenStreetMaps. Created ganache blockchain node (due to issues with KYC @ Luno). Most of all, awesome team work and caffeine.

Challenges We ran into

Biggest challenge we faced was figuring out KYC with Luno given the high proportion of foreign nationals in our team. In the end, after consultation with the judges, we simulated the Luno bits using Ethereum.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Creating the interactive map with our own overlay layer. Also, figuring out the Ethereum lookup was fun.

What We learned

A lot about mapping, interfacing with ganache. On the business side, we learned the existing challenges that Google faces in mapping inaccessible regions of the world and the possible solutions to them.

What's next for DMapp

We would like to talk to OEMS who might be interested in such an application. More immediately, we need to extensively test our code, especially the payment functions. From a business point of view, we would like to do user testing on a small set of people to get early feedback.

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