Current mobility systems are isolated, slow and manual. Customers cannot have a seamless access to different transportation systems, an approach already adopted in other technology areas (e.g. laptops/tablets/phones are used interchangeably today for most taks).

What it does

Service gateway for 3rd party providers to offer services on top of a DIDs management platform.

How we built it

Docker-compose local setup based on Idchain public repository plus Android mobile phone application.

Challenges we ran into

Difficulties setting the development scenario locally (hashtax/idchain).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Definition of a usecase in which decentralised identity is key. Using a mobility oriented network as a backbone, multiple 3rd party providers can implement their own business model on top.

What we learned

Multiple interfaces require further work in order to be able to integrate all functionalities (micropayments, DIDs, mobile application APIs, etc).

What's next for DLT4Mobility

Create a Service gateway for 3rd party providers to be able to offer own services benefiting of the Issuers/Verifiers network.

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