Using craigslist for year I felt that it should be implemented on the blockchain and this hackathon was the perfect opportunity.

What it does

It allows users to pick from one of the four groups for sale, housing, jobs, and community. Once picking a group the user picks a category and is able to make a post related to it.

How we built it

The smart contract is built using rust with the frontend using next js, tailwind for styling and near-api | near-wallet-selector for blockhain interaction.

Challenges we ran into

Ran into a few with the smart contract vector remove but the lookupmap or unorderedmap not updating. Every once and awhile I have a problem receive data from some of the post. Works one day next doesn't and without fixing anything the next its back. For the frontend which was the most complex part of the hackathon, originally tried to use sveltekit but ran into a lot of issues trying to deploy so rebuilt using next js. Also for some reason using next.js I was not able to get the success and errors when dealing with transactions. This is why some of the simple things like navigating to another page on success or showing errors on failure are not in the frontend

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Very proud to just have a somewhat polished product. Lots more work will go into the product, personally think that the application could have a nice daily use (just look at craigslist).

What we learned

I learned a lot about developing the smart contract on near my favorite part of the project. Reading over the documentation then just trail and error.

What's next for Dlist

Possibly redoing the contract for more safe guards adding more features like services, forums, and gigs. A better ui/ux experience and looking into error and success handling that was mentioned earlier.

Built With

  • near-api-js
  • nextjs
  • rust
  • tailwind
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