When engaged in the development of laboratory information management system, as an independent and impartial third-party laboratory, the customer needs a set of safe, rigorous, non changeable and traceable laboratory information and data management system. However, these are just in line with the characteristics of blockchain.

What it does

DLI is a laboratory information system with strict process and decentralized underlying data traceability chain, which is intended to help the laboratory improve operation efficiency, reduce management cost and solve the problem of data traceability.

How we built it

The project is temporarily closed source.

Challenges we ran into

Project development is a big project. In order to adapt to more types of laboratories, we need more developers. In marketing, we also need more professionals to help us expand the market.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Through two years of development, we have completed the software application layer of laboratory management, and has been applied to some laboratories. In terms of adapting to more types of customers, we have completed the relevant design of system upgrade, and the development is still in progress. For the market, more and more customers are consulting.

What we learned

Entrepreneurship requires more persistence and dynamic teams. In some professional fields, professional personnel are needed instead of learning by themselves in order to save time and seize the market. As an independent third party, the laboratory is the field most suitable for the blockchain scenario in addition to payment. However, we need to make more efforts in the cognition of the laboratory and the public on the blockchain.

What's next for DLI(Decentralized Laboratory Information)

Recruit developers of application layer and back-end service related technologies, and promote the concept of decentralized laboratory.

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