✨ Inspiration

We are all Students of Music, just when you think you’ve heard it all, something new and better always comes out to Amaze! We want to help put that Music in the Spotlight by creating a platform that helps achieve that. The more people that can share Music the better chance we all have of finding that missing song!

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📜 What it does

Djtify is a Web Based Application that allows you to create a virtual “room” by authenticating with your favorite platform account (Spotify, Apple Music, etc..). When in a room, Listeners can place songs in a queue that the Host manages.

💻 How we built it

Design: We used Figma for the Mockups and Prototyping. Front-end: We used React and Tailwind CSS to create the login page and the dashboard that displays the songs playing. Back-end: We used Node.js and Express.js to develop the server and on top of this we use Passport.js and Passport-Spotify to create the user authentication using the Spotify API

🤯 Challenges we ran into

The Spotify API was challenging to connect and it was delayed by many hours as our core functionalities depended on it, although it took time we tried to support each other and help out in multiple tasks that weren’t necessarily on our domain.

🥳 Accomplishments that we're proud of

Connecting the Spotify API and authenticate any user with an spotify account The core concept of the idea is great and we think is has potential The design is super appealing and simple. This makes it easy to understand how the app works.

👩‍🎓 What we learned

We learned about Github Projects and how it can help us organize and track our issues better which resulted in a low number of merge conflicts. We also learned about authentication using 3rd party services, especially by using passport.js as it can facilitate the development process a lot. Finally, we learned that with such a short time to code an idea, we need to prioritize the core workflow that will achieve an MVP, this means identifying distractions so we can identify and avoid distractions (e.g. pages not part of that workflow).

🤔 What's next for DJtify?

Currently, the only service supported is Spotify but ideally we would like to add other popular music services such as Amazon Music or Apple Music so users can enjoy it regardless of the platform they use.

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