Inspiration: Have you ever been to a party when the music was a bit lacking? With our new web app, you will be able to tweet your favorite songs to your DJ in a matter of seconds. Hashtag your local DJ's handle and your favorite song and artist and in no time, you will hear your favorite song being played at the party.

What it does: Takes in hashtags of a DJ and creates a DJ playlist for the night.

How we built it: With JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and JQuery, we were able to create the web app using Twitter's API to retrieve the information and allow users to hear the song that they requested and easily get connected to the DJ before or during the party.

Challenges we ran into: Learn a new language and using various aspects of the Twitter API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We were able to retrieve a list of songs and artists that people have tweeted previously.

What we learned: We learned that programming could be applicable to our daily lives and events. We can create a web app that could solve the issues that we may face with communication during the night.

What's next for DJStacks: Add more features to the web app so that the DJ can get a better feel about what the guests want to listen to. For example, listing the songs in different categories (ex. genre, beat numbers, and popular votes).

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