What it does

DJ motion is a DJ set that is designed specially for the blind. The intention with the project was to create something physical and responsive in a very auditorial way.

How I built it

DJMotion is built on a whole host of things. An Arduino controls the buttons and passes the data from pipe to pipe. Leap motion also passes data we’ve translated into swipes and both go to the DJ control which transfers the data into the DJ program. From there we can create a bunch of audio transformations during the song. Our most important tech is the physical setup because it had to be blind friendly.

Challenges I ran into

Well we had some issues with the leap motion and getting that to consistently register a swipe. We also did not have the time to set up the rotational elements on the toggles so that requires a screwdriver to change.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That we can swipe, the transformations work and the Arduino control works.

What I learned

How to do Fourier Transformations, Leap motion gestures and create Arduino boards.

What's next for DJMotion

At UNC, we have an event that we do every year in April called Maze day. Students from grade K-12 come and experience a wide array of games and tools created just for them. We plan to take all the hardware (UNC use all of their own hardware) and let them experience how physical and responsive the project is. It means so much to the kids to have these devices creates just for them and we wanted to make something just for them. Who doesn’t want to be a DJ :).

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