We wanted to create a mobile app that digitalizes your closet and allows you to build outfits from your wardrobe. The goal was to create a quick and easy upload process, with good user experience.

What it does

Take a picture of a garment and the background will automatically be removed. If needed, use an eraser tool to fine-tune edges. The image will be stored on the cloud where you can then view it later or use it to make an outfit with our custom outfit editor. Computer vision and image recognition is used to speed up the user flow of adding and detailing a submission. Search through your closet with filters and keywords.

How we built it

Built on Xcode with mostly swift and some objective-c. We used Google’s Cloud Vision API for image recognition, Firebase for backend services, and lots of open sourced libraries. Most notable library would be openCV, which was used for background detection and removal.

Challenges we ran into

Updating old libraries, openCV, and auto layout.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing the automatic background removal and our custom outfit editor. Also, polishing as much of the UI as time would allow.

What we learned

It was our first time using openCV and we wrote an objective-c++ wrapper to integrate the library into our app. We have never worked on a project like this before and it was a lot of fun to test out libraries new to us.

What's next for StyleVC

Refine UI and clean up code. This project has also really inspired us to create a custom sticker app :)

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