Throwing a party and want to share the aux with your friends to build fire playlists together? Currently there's no easy solution to this, but with DJ Collab, now you can make the party lit af.

What it does

DJ Collab uses an iOS mobile application as well as a web client to interact with our system to add songs from multiple users within a "party" to queue up songs and keep the party going.

How we built it

Using the LAMP stack and an iOS application, the foundation of our project is based on interacting with a live playlist that updates based on interactions that users have with the client. Also, Alexa integration is currently in development using AWS Lambda, but due to time constraint was unable to be finished.

Challenges we ran into

No lamp.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Remembering the lightbulb.

What we learned

Lamps are important for working lightbulbs

What's next for DJCollab

Continuing to flesh out even more features and functionality with the web client as well as potentially expanding into the Android mobile market. Also, working to fully integrate an Alexa system to interact with the framework would be a large improvement as well. Lastly, we had plans to create an LIFX music visualizer that interacts directly with the framework, however a lack of a lamp became an issue.

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