We were sitting on a coach at a party when we noticed that people were always passing someone's phone around, or stopping the music to switch devices in order to play a desired song. Naturally being Computer Scientists, we thought, lets automate this.

What it does

DJCollab is a cross platform responsive mobile and web app that removes the complexity of hosting a party. It provides a system for multiple users to queue songs onto a central device with the click of a single button.

How we built it

With simplicity being the driving force behind our design, a user can host a party by simply clicking the host button. That's it. Behind the scenes we use a C# ASP.NET Web API, hosted in Microsoft's Azure to establish a web socket connection between this and the host running a native iOS, or Android app. The only requirement is the host must have a Spotify account

At this point any user can now join the hosts party by using the same native apps, or at our website and simply clicking the join button, and then searching for their party. All of this is handled by making HTTP requests from the apps to the RESTful Web API, which will update the host in real time. A Spotify account is not required to join a party.

Challenges we ran into

Working with the Spotify API proved to be a challenge as there are many existing issues that are not immediately present in the developer docs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to build an app the spans many platforms in such a short time. We are also proud of overcoming the challenges provided by the Spotify API.

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