DJarvis is here to be your very own personalized DJ for every moment in your life! Wherever your emotions range from happy to sad to excited, music is a great way to express your emotions. Now, DJarvis is here for every moment of emotion.

DJarvis was made with the noble purpose of helping you cheer up or continue you're mood of relaxation. It integrates with the Microsoft Cognitive API to give the user a careful analysis of his/her feeling's and then alleivates, calms, or continues the current state of mind by playing music with respect to a parameter called valence which is integrated with the Spotify Web API. A valence parameter ranging from 0-1 helps convey the positivity of the song and compares with the Cognitive APIs detection of emotions of the person and this coherency helps achieve the ideal playlist whether the user is sad or happy.

DJarvis automatically determines a user's mood, and creates a custom playlist by taking into account their mood and favorite artists and songs.

We have created a web app using nodeJS deployed on Microsoft's Azure. Initially, our web app takes a photo of the user that is saved on Azure's blob storage. Then, we utilized Microsoft's cognitive API to detect emotions of the user in the image. Next, we use the user's emotion parametrics with the Spotify API. By taking into account their mood, favorite artists, and frequent songs, we are able to create a customized playlist.

A major part of this product is to integrate this with extremely reliant Azure services. Blobstorage specifically was very useful in uploading the base64 encoded image directly drawn from pixels on an HTML5 Canvas which was directly snapped from the webcam of the user. This real time data gives a precise analysis of the user's emotions at every moment. These pictures are then stored as data points to check for ease or distress that the user may be caused. Based on the paramter received the user's preferences of songs are analysed from his/her playlists and a suitable playlist is made so that the user experiences relief from stress or calmness.

DJarvis can be scaled to group events and playing off music of overlapping playlists. This personal DJ will help in relieving financial strain on events that cannot afford professional people playing on site. DJarvis hopes to expand to cater to people everywhere! The next steps for DJarvis include DJing for group events while tracking mood and creating custom playlists for you to enjoy with all your family and friends!

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